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Hwy#518, Ontario

This route is by far one of the best I have ridden in Ontario. It is quite a distance from Toronto, but well worth the days ride. It consists of some tight twisties and some sweepers. The road cuts through a forest so there isn’t much to look at. That isn’t a problem since to enjoy this road, you should be keeping an eye on it. The road was free of debris when I was on it (August) however I’m sure in the early spring it would have remnants of sand left over from the winter. Ride with caution as usual. The area has an abundance of deer, moose along with bears so keep an eye out for them. In one of my earlier videos (Southwood Rd, Muskoka), I encountered a bear on the road. I saw him in advance and was able to slow down and enjoy the sight. He on the other hand probably had the fright of his life. Take it easy and enjoy the ride.

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4 Responses to “Hwy#518, Ontario”

  1. Larry B says:

    I just watched your video, and I agree with your information about Deer and Moose, but honestly….if a deer ran out from the woods, at that speed, you wouldn’t have a chance!
    I’ve travelled that road and many others, for years. Trust me. Not a chance!
    Ride safe!


    • Mike says:

      Thanks for the response. I agree that a motorcycle/deer collision can have disastrous results. It is a big problem for motorcyclists since these animals can run on the road and hit you! Youtube has plenty of video’s attesting to that fact.
      All the more reason to obey the posted speed limit on that road which at times seems extremely slow for such a great road.

  2. Jimmy says:

    The wildlife on this route aren’t the biggest concern. It’s cars crossing over the centre line. I ride this quite often and it happens every ride. Keep an eye out!

  3. Richard says:

    Just finished a 3 day 2000 km ride in the Highlands and this is by far the best ride i had so far in Ontario and Québec. The chance of hittting a deer or moose is just as probable as winning the 6/49 so a little above the speed limit adds that extra adrenaline on this road. Reminded me a little of my ride in the Smokey Mountains.
    Bonne Route like they say in french.

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